Analysis of the scientific content of the Spanish Wikipedia

logo_MINECO_FECYT_WebContractor: Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT)
Period: September 2014 – December 2015

The aim of the project is to carry out an exhaustive analysis of the scientific content of Wikipedia – i.e. the subset of articles dealing with science and technology issues (approximately 10% of the 1.15 million articles in the Spanish version). The study is based on the fact that Wikipedia has become the leading platform for the public communication of science.

The analysis is based on 4 dimensions: 1) The quality of articles, considering basically the quality of bibliographic references; 2) The relative population of articles among the different science & technology areas; 3) Studying the editors and the editing process; 4) The image of Science and Technology in Wikipedia, through the analysis of controversies within talk pages.

The research team is led by Eduard Aibar (lead researcher) and includes Josep Lladós, Antoni Meseguer, Julià Minguillon, Maura Lerga and Peter Dunajscik/Maxigas.

Wikipedia for Higher Education (Wiki4HE Project)

Contractor: RecerCaixa (2012 call) 
Period: 2012 – 2013

“The use of Internet open content for university education: an empirical study on the perceptions, attitudes and practices of university faculty on Wikipedia”

This research project aims to analyze the use of Internet open contents for university teaching and explore and propose new ways of using these resources in learning processes, based on recent international experiences. Specifically, the project examines the educational uses of one of the most important open repositories of knowledge nowadays, Wikipedia, and explores the attitudes and perceptions of university teachers on this virtual collaborative encyclopedia, and, in general, on open resources.

All the results and information about this project have been published at the blog:

Logo Wiki4HE_text

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