Eduard Aibar PuentesAibar Puentes, Eduard (Director)

 Eduard Aibar is an associate professor at the Department of Arts and Humanities, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Barcelona). He teaches Science and Technology Studies and has published several works on the interaction between technological innovations and social change in different arenas.

See his CV and publications here

Lladós Masllorens, JosepJosep Lladós

Josep Lladós-Masllorens is aggregate professor in the Economics and Business Department at UOC. His R&D activities focus on the study of innovation processes and his main research interests are connected with innovation and business competitiveness. He is teaching also in the fields of economic geography, international economy and economic policy.He is a member of the UOC’s ONE (New Economy Observatory) R&D group, accredited as a “Consolidated Research Group” by the Catalan government.

See his CV and publications here

ToniMeseguer Artola, Antoni

Dr. Antoni Meseguer-Artola is an associate professor at the Department of Economics and Business Studies, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain). He holds a Doctoral Degree in Economics and Business Sciences, a Master Degree in Economic Analysis, and a Bachelor Degree in Mathematics. He teaches Statistics, Econometrics and Mathematics and has published several works on price competition on the Internet, driving factors to e-commerce diffusion, consumer behaviour on virtual learning environments, game theory, and e-learning. He is also a member of the UOC’s research group “Observatori de la Nova Economia”, focused on the study of the new forms of digital business, and the relationship with the online consumer.

See his CV and publications here

Julià MiguillónMinguillón Alfonso, Julià

Julià Minguillón received his Ph.D. degree from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) in September 2002. In January 2001 he joined the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) where he is a faculty member of the Computer Science, Multimedia and Telecommunication Studies department. His main research interests include the formal description of the learning process by means of ontologies, personalizing the learning process by means of adaptive itineraries based on reusable learning objects, and user modeling in virtual e-learning environments applying web and data mining techniques for improving user experience and usability, accessibility and mobility issues. He is also interested in open educational resources and the uses of social tools for teaching and learning. In 2005 he joined the UOC UNESCO Chair in e-Learning, where he was the Academic Director from November 2009 to March 2012. He has organized several courses and workshops related to “openness”, including open data, big data and visualization topics.

See all his projects and publications here.

Foto carnet agost 2011_retalladaLerga Felip, Maura

Maura Lerga is a PhD candidate at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. She holds a bachellor in Sociology (University of Barcelona) and a Master in Urban Anthropology (Rovira i Virgili University). Her main research interests are connected to open science and the culture of professions.

MaxigasDunajcsik, Peter (Maxigas)

Maxigas studied philology, film and philosophy, as well as cultural and social anthropology and sociology before adopting the Science of Science (Science and Technology Studies) as his discipline.  He earned a doctoral degree at UOC/IN3 in 2015 with a dissertation on peer production, open hardware and the “unfinished artefacts and architectures” of hackerspaces.  He was a postdoctoral researcher at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Barcelona) and now a fellow at the Center for Media, Data and Society in the School of Public Policy at the Central European University, Budapest.  His research interests include the sociology of technology users; critiques of liberalism, capitalism and modernity; as well as the role of (classical) cybernetics in the intellectual trajectory and everyday practices of the human and natural science.  His current research addresses the appropriation of old technologies by innovators, through the case of Internet Relay Chat (IRC), and the construction of European hacking history.


pedroJacobetty Da Palma Santos, Pedro

Pedro Jacobetty is a sociologist currently developing his PhD dissertation at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Barcelona. His main research interests are related to activism, political identity, and science and technology studies.

                                               Sánchez, Oscar David

Mi instantánea 5 Óscar David Sánchez is a PhD candidate at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. He holds a Master Degree on Engineering and has spent his professional career in the pharma, biotech and IT sectors. Presently, he is in charge of research management and technology transfer activities at a biomedical research institution. His main research interests are related to the convergence of open science and open innovation and its impact on scientific knowledge sharing and access to research results.



Bogdanov, Rosen

Rosen Bogdanov is a PhD candidate at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, focusing on science and technology studies – i.e. how techno-scientific production comes into being, just as if it was yet another social phenomenon, mind you! His academic background is based in communication studies bio-photosmalland, later, in the interdisciplinary field of media technology, electronic arts and science. His MSc thesis was an experimental research into the fields of plant electrophysiology and ecopsychology, exploring the effect that “musical plants” can have on human affect.  He is currently studying do-it-yourself science and exploring the modulations of the concept of openness and its meaning in the biohacker communities, specifically, in the European context.


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