Interview with Peter Dunajcsik – Maxigas

Entrevista a Peter Dunajcsik – Maxigas, membre d’OSI, en el blog de notícies de la Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Text complet en anglès aquí.





Advantages of doing Wikipedia assignments rather than traditional term papers

The Wiki Education Foundation has just published a list of Five reasons a Wikipedia assignment is better than a term paper. The five reasons are:


  1. People read it
  2. Students have to think twice
  3. A term paper is rarely a force for good in the world
  4. Wikipedia has real and fascinating flaws
  5. The technology is just about the same


The text confirms some of the points we made in our Best Practice Guide to Use Wikipedia in University Education, by Maura Lerga and Eduard Aibar You can also read the Guide in Spanish and Catalan.

OSI project awarded FECYT funding

The Analysis of the scientific content of the Spanish Wikipedia project presented by the IN3’s Open Science and Innovation (OSI) research group has been selected to receive funding from the Fundación Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnología (FECYT -Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology-) call for grant applications to promote the culture of science, technology and innovation.

The aim of the project is to carry out exhaustive analysis of the scientific content of the Wikipedia – in other words, the subsection of articles dealing with science and technology (approximately 10% of the 1.15 million articles in the Spanish version). The study is based on the realization that the Wikipedia has become the leading platform for public communication of science on the web.

The analysis is based on 4 factors.

1) The quality of the articles, depending, principally, on the number of edits and the quality of the bibliographic references.

2) The correspondence between the areas best represented and Spanish scientific output.

3) Studying the editors and the editing process.

4) Science and technology’s image through analysis of controversial subjects.

The researchers forming part of the project team are Eduard Aibar (lead researcher), Josep Lladós, Antoni Meseguer, Julià Minguillon, Maura Lerga and Peter Dunajcsik/Maxigas. The project’s research is to run from September 2014 to December 2015.