On the political significance of the refusal of new technologies

Announcement at the university
Announcement at the university

Maxigas spoke on the “Emergent features of old new media: The case of IRC backlogs” at the Politics of Disconnection and Disruptive Media (Disconnect!) workshop organised by Anne Kaun at Södertörn University, December 12, 2016.

The workshop explored the possibilities of disconnection in digital culture and was the second event in a series dedicated to questions of disconnection. Current discourses on digital culture often link media technologies to immediate delivery and constant availability that result in the experience of hurried lives and a culture of speed (Davis, 2013; Rosa, 2013; Sharma, 2014; Tomlinson, 2007). However, in this context practices and technologies of disconnection emerge as well. We are interested in exploring how disconnection, i.e. the non-usage of digital media technologies is constructed as being of economic, cultural, social and political value in contemporary, information affluent societies. As the abundance of media technologies contributes to the necessity to make choices for connection or disconnection, use or non-use, participation or abstention, these choices are becoming of interest to the digital economy.

The full text of the presentation and the corresponding slides are available online. The talk text will be reworked for publication based on the feedback from the workshop. It will appear in Spring 2017 in the second edited volume on Technological Sovereignty edited by Alex Haché and published by Ritimo Foundation in English, French and Spanish.

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