New OSI publication: “Wikipedia at university: What faculty think and do about it”

On 14th July, 2015, The Electronic Library has published our paper “Wikipedia at university: what faculty think and do about it”, with some results from the Wiki4HE project. In this article, we investigate university faculty perceptions and practices about Wikipedia.

The study was based on an extensive survey to all faculty members in two large public universities. A total of 913 valid responses were collected through an online questionnaire with nine control variables and 41 Likert-scaled questions. As main findings, the results do not support an overwhelming sceptical attitude among faculty towards Wikipedia. The quality of Wikipedia articles is highly valued and most faculty members are regular users, just as students are. Though most faculty show a positive view on the teaching usefulness of Wikipedia, few of them actually use it for teaching purposes. A certain conflict was detected between the standard academic procedures of knowledge building and the open collaborative model on which Wikipedia rests. In the end, two important factors play a role in shaping faculty views: (a) their colleagues’ perceived opinions and practices, and (b) academic disciplines.

More details:

Eduard Aibar, Josep Lladós-Masllorens, Antoni Meseguer-Artola, Julià Minguillón & Maura Lerga (2015, pre-print version). Wikipedia at university: what faculty think and do about it. The Electronic Library, Vol. 33. Iss. 4. Permanent link to this document:


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