Wikipedia in college: a Best Practice Guide

The UOC maganize Oikonomics has published an article by Antoni Meseguer,  member of our research group OSI, Open Science and Innovation research group (IN3/UOC): “Viquipèdia a la universitat: una guia de bones pràctiques” (in Catalan and Spanish).


“Although Wikipedia is an information source used extensively by students at all academic levels, it is hard to find higher education courses in which Wikipedia has a formal role in the learning process. Using the principal results of the Wiki4HE project as its foundation, this article briefly describes key factors that influence the decisions of academic staff regarding the use of Wikipedia in their teaching. In addition to technological factors relating to the user-friendliness and utility of the work platform this encyclopaedia provides, it also examines the academic and professional factors that have a greater influence: the perceived quality of Wikipedia, its social image, the 2.0 profile of academic staff and their collaborative attitudes, and institutional recognition of this resource.

The article has two main objectives: the first is to highlight the importance of the opinions academic colleagues have of Wikipedia, and the influence this has on decisions to use the encyclopaedia actively in teaching; the second is to show how this decision could be affected by access to a guide to good practice, one that systematically brought together the experiences of other academic staff and enabled an improvement in Wikipedia’s social image.”

In this article, Meseguer refers to the OSI publication Best Practice Guide to Use Wikipedia in University Education, by Maura Lerga and Eduard Aibar, available in the UOC open institutional repository, O2. You can also read the Guide in Spanish (here) and Catalan (here).

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